Eco-friendly construction is on the rise and 2019 might just be the biggest year yet. As industries seek to implement increasingly green products and sustainability practices in their construction projects, there are going to be a few trends that stand out among the rest.

Watch out 2019: here are the top green construction trends expected to pave the way for sustainability.


Green buildings

Green buildings are at the forefront of green construction. More and more buildings are being constructed with sustainability initiatives in mind, including rainwater collection sites, areas and gardens for compost, and renewable energy systems like solar panels. While construction has seen the adoption of many of these traits in the past, older buildings were typically slow to adopt nuances in technology.

As industrialized society continues to grow, homes, offices, corporate buildings, and even skyscrapers are designed with sustainability in mind. The building cannot just incorporate a green system after completion; they’re being designed so the building cannot function without these components from the start.


Improvements in efficiency

While green buildings are being designed with sustainability initiatives from conception, countless other buildings are still making leaps and strides with energy improvements. This includes disaster-proof renovations such as wind-resistant roofing, but it also means countless buildings are upgrading outdated appliances for energy-efficient models.

Additionally, more buildings will be constructed using recycled materials, lessening the amount of construction waste that’s dumped each year.


The Millennial impact

It’s estimated that 55% of Millennials are interested in investing in real estate opportunities but this number could grow with sustainability initiatives in mind. As more construction projects and building contractors try to appeal to a new market, it’s likely that 2019 will reveal innovation in the general contractor industry, including LEED certification.


Open sidewalks and walkways

Haven’t you heard? The car is out. As more people rely on carpooling initiatives, ridesharing apps, and their own two legs, society has begun to admonish the car and the giant roadways they utilize.

More concrete contractors and construction companies are working together to implement wider walkways and better-looking streets for the growing number of walkers and bicyclists. This is one green initiative that is sure to spread in 2019.


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