Any experienced construction company has tried and true methods of design and development. However, changing times always call for a second look at the practices your company considers to be essential. After all, $74.24 billion worth of commercial buildings were constructed in the U.S. in 2016 and the number has only grown since then. To ensure that your company gets a piece of the billion dollar pie, implement these popular commercial building design trends in your upcoming construction projects.

Incorporate smart glass

Green design and energy efficiency have become two of the hottest topics in construction companies across the country. There are countless ways construction project management companies can utilize green designs, but a fairly simple one is by designing buildings with smart glass. This glass is tinted or glazed in such a manner that it controls the sun’s glare, mitigates harsh bright light, and regulates heat that enters a building through its windows. With this design, smart glass simultaneously improves energy efficiency by regulating a room’s temperature and creates a more enjoyable environment for anyone in the building.

Design collaborative and casual gathering spaces

An increasing number of businesses want to offer more casual gathering spaces for their employees in place of outdated and stuffy break rooms or conference rooms. These spaces will often do double-duty as a space for employees to chat with co-workers and as a more collaborative setting to work on projects together. When construction companies design buildings that will house offices and businesses, they should find both indoor and outdoor areas that can serve as these employee hubs.

Use virtual reality in the design process

Virtual reality isn’t just a phenomenon in the entertainment and tech industries. Construction companies can utilize this techy tool to fully experience their designs before they start building. Construction teams can use virtual reality to walk through the building they’re in the midst of designing. This can easily allow them to find design flaws on early on or identify potential obstacles they’ll face when it comes time for construction. Construction project management services can even use virtual reality to give clients a walk-through of the blueprint and a real feeling of the building they will be getting.

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