The U.S. Census recorded data that reported between 2014 and 2017, spending on hotel related construction projects increased by 59% and office related construction increased by 43%. It’s safe to say that property owners are again becoming financially secure enough to get building contractors and construction project management companies to revamp their buildings.

Hotels are unique in this facet. Acting as homes away from home, leaving them with the same tired designs for years and years isn’t prudent for business. Hotels are also not usually chomping at the bit to have construction companies clogging their halls, making noise, and generally disrupting the would-be peaceful atmosphere of their hotel. A bit of a conundrum.

That said, there are hotel renovations that building contractors recommend that won’t wreak havoc on the homey ecosystem hotels are meant to imbue. Let’s look at a few of those projects.


Nothing says that a hotel hasn’t been given some TLC in a long time quite like guests walking in to see decor that looks like something out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. With hotels, impressions are everything. That initial feeling when people walk into a lobby should inspire the level of welcome and comfort you wish to maintain from check-in to check-out. Take a look at your interior decor and make some changes that will usher your guests into an atmosphere of comfortable confidence with a dash of flair.

Shake Things Up

Interior layouts aren’t meant to stay the same forever. Just because a layout has worked for a while, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be improved upon. Look at, say, the layout of your lobby. Are there spaces that haven’t seen people or use in a long time? Are there vacant areas that could be retrofitted for usability? Make them into usable spaces. The hotel is your oyster, but you need to look closely.


Another feature that any building contractors worth their salt will wisely recommend is consistent technological updates. With the number of younger, tech-savvy guests rising, keeping up with convenient technologies of the day will make your business run smoother and give guests easier access to your services.

Hotel renovations don’t have to be full-floor remodels. We know that large projects become necessary eventually, but in the meantime, smaller upgrades here and there are what keep a hotel living and encourages guests to keep living in them.