At the end of 2017, construction spending reached an all-time high of $1.2 trillion. Between consumer confidence and the strong economy, the construction industry has been blossoming.

As it continues to grow, construction companies, building contractors, and construction project management companies can provide a look into the most commonly needed, and hired, remodeling jobs out there. Commercial buildings are especially in need of particular remodels and renovations. They don’t see as much TLC as residential buildings, thus they tend to deteriorate differently.

What aspects of commercial buildings are most commonly rundown enough to call for a remodel?


First impressions are everything. The main entryways of commercial buildings set the tone for everyone coming in, whether employees or customers. Most of the time, they serve as exits, too. A dilapidated entry/exit doesn’t bode well for being welcoming and, with all the traffic it sees, it’s one of the more needed renovations commercial buildings call for.

Gathering Spaces

Lecture halls, conference rooms, stages, auditoriums, and the like are all places that hold large groups of people. Central locations like these are oft-trod places that can lose their former glory surprisingly quickly. With entryways, we talked about first impressions, but with gathering spaces, they are the impression that people are entering many commercial spaces for. Hence, consistently keeping track of needed repairs is crucial to holding that impression in the highest regard.

Restrooms and Facilities

Did you think you’d get through this list without a little potty talk? This is important for health, design, and sustainability. One problem building contractors see with commercial spaces is that people tend to think that after commercial spaces are built, they won’t need to be renovated for a long time. Restrooms and similar facilities see changes in foot traffic, people, technological updates, and even environmental boosts. A toilet from 1970 isn’t the same as one from 2018. The same goes for water fountains, handicap accessibility, and water saving automation. These facilities support the people in a building and help buildings run more efficiently cost-wise.

Good building contractors know the dominant theme in commonly needed remodels boils down to high-traffic areas. The amount of people walking through these areas in a given year is exponential. Proper, reasonable remodels and renovation will keep your commercial space supreme for years to come. Start here and plan accordingly.