Few homeowners would allow their living space to fall into disrepair. Unfortunately, some commercial spaces do not get the same careful maintenance. Tight company budgets, frequent changes-of-hands, and lack of communication can all cause an office, hotel, or other commercial building to begin to deteriorate.

While some interior issues can be fixed relatively easily, other problems require an entire demolition and redesign to make a space habitable and professional. Here are some signs that indicate a major construction project might be needed to update a commercial space. Use this guide to recognize the biggest red flags:

Red Flag Number One: Cracks in Interior Walls

One big sign that your interior, or even your exterior, has structural problems is cracked walls. Though cracked drywall is sometimes a cosmetic problem, cracks can also indicate failures in the building’s foundation. It’s a good idea to get cracks checked by a contractor or construction project management company ensure the issue isn’t serious. Other common problems might be a separation between walls and molding, or cracks that start indoors and window frames.

Red Flag Number Two: Water Problems

Issues with plumbing can also be indicators of serious structural issues. If you notice that the building’s water bills have skyrocketed, or that the water pressure is unpredictable, it might be time to call building contractors. Bad odors, continuous leaks, and even floods are signs that a plumber and maybe even a construction project management company is needed to complete extensive repairs.

Red Flag Number Three: Warping Floors

Problems with flooring can indicate that a building needs major upgrading. Peeling flooring and cracked tile could be signs that the floor underneath has sustained damage from years of heavy use. Bumps in carpeting and cracks in other flooring could also be signs of foundation problems that only concrete contractors can fix.

Red Flag Number Four: Employee Difficulties

Have your employees been complaining about issues related to the company’s property? Is the parking lot a nightmare of potholes, or does the faulty electricity interrupt productivity? If your workers are having trouble completing daily tasks, it is time to update the facility. Even if the building isn’t going to fall into disrepair, sometimes remodeling is necessary to boost morale, bring in fresh business, and get production running like a well-oiled machine.

Though it can be tempting to push off commercial renovations for another year, these warning signs indicate that the time for waiting is over. If you notice any of these issues, reach out to a construction project management company. Construction companies can recommend repairs that will transform your business’s appearance and productivity. Due to a strong economy and rising consumer confidence, construction spending reached an all-time high of $1.2 trillion in November 2017. Join the crowd, and start your new project today.