Think back to the way you imagined what an office used to look like. Some of the conjured images come from an era long since past, reminiscent of the show Mad Men or the film Office Space. Dull, grey spaces back then, they’ve come a long way in the world of design.

Two years ago, an estimated $74.24 billion in commercial buildings were built in the United States. Since then, that number has only grown. Not every one of those spaces was designed like the campuses of Facebook and Google, but we can guarantee that a lot of them reflect tired designs from 50 years ago.

Construction project management companies are hired for physical remodels by teams of general contractors and building contractors, but are also consulted for design details. Before you have construction companies come in and start tearing out walls, let’s talk about worthy office design ideas that will get yours up to date.


One of the most popular design trends construction companies see is minimalism in the form of an industrial feel. The irony is that the minimal-industrial design trend comes from factories in the Industrial Revolution. Nothing in the building was covered. Everything was bare. The 20th century opted to cover building interiors. Now they want it stripped again.


Jumping off the previous point, when interiors were covered with drop ceilings, drywall, and carpeting, we’re now stripping it bare. Let ceilings pipes and I-beams show. It gives every building character that was formerly covered with veritable white-washing. Concrete, iron, and steel are having a major comeback. Floor-to-ceiling strip downs to the physical essence of the building give much more color and spirit than white halls, walls, and light.

Open Space

Offices used to be keen on separating people from each other. These labyrinthian passages kept people isolated in their white-grey boxes, but we’re moving away from that. Collaborative workspaces are demanding that we tear walls down and open offices up. Privacy is always an option in the office, but why not additionally open it up for people to work together while being able to observe their newly updated, industrial-chic office building?

Whatever design route you take, get some opinions on how you want your office to look and feel. Not everyone needs an industrial-minimal space, but it’s a popular look. Consulting the people who will be occupying your office on a daily basis should be the foundation you lay before hiring construction companies to execute the project.